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Many organizations provide professional development that doesn’t hit the mark. We go beyond addressing pain points; we deep dive to uncover the cause of pain points. What keeps you up at night as an administrator? More than likely, it is probably a symptom of a deeper problem. Nylinka’s goal is to help schools plot professional development plans that are leveraged for impact, sustainability, and transformation. One-off professional development is not feasible in a post-COVID world. Nylinka PDs are meaningful, relevant and transformative.

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Nylinka School Solutions is an education consulting firm that is passionate about transforming school spaces for our most marginalized students. Nylinka helps schools/school districts bridge the gap between who they are and what they need to be for students. We provide impactful and transformative professional development and support with strategic planning and implementation.

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The Burning House: Educating Black Boys in Modern America

The house is ablaze! What are we going to do? This is the question posed by award-winning educator and former principal, Desmond Williams. His first book, The Burning House: Educating Black Boys in Modern America is a manifesto on the issues confronting Black boys in today's schools.

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